09/13/2020 - sywang0407: Bought a Single Family home in 2020 in Cupertino, CA.

My husband and I are first-time home buyers and we felt very lucky to have Chia as our agent. She walked us through the whole process of buying a property when the first time we met so we were able to have a clear idea of the timeline and started our financial preparation at an early stage. In the process of targeting our preferred areas, she provided us housing market updates and her experience of the market nature for the areas we were interested in. Because of all these preparation and study beforehand, when we felt we were ready to actively looking for houses, it took us only 1 week to get mortgage pre-approval and 3 weeks to make an offer to an ideal house. Chia was always patient to explain anything in details and was prompt to answer any questions we had. Most importantly, she had a good negotiation skill when it comes to making an offer. I highly recommend anyone who is thinking of buying a house or in the process of looking for a house to contact Chia. I am sure you will have a pleasant experience working with her.

08/12/2019 - chineseric: Bought a Condo home in 2019 in San Jose, CA.

As a first-time home buyer, I had an amazing experience working with Chia! She was very patient with all my beginner’s questions and provided very clear and detailed answers, always making sure that I was satisfied with all the information she provided. She had no problems spending time educating me about the process (the good and the bad aspects) and ensuring that I had as accurate expectations as possible. I felt very comfortable working with her thanks to her clear communication, prompt responses, and outstanding organization. She was always on top of things and reachable whenever I needed a consultation or clarification. Her commitment went above and beyond all expectations as we had the peculiar case of putting out an offer while both of us were on our respective holiday trips! This was the winning offer and just shy of 2 months of searching seriously! Chia’s ability to adjust her style according to my needs (needing more details vs. coping with the emotional rollercoaster) was key in keeping me sane and highly motivated throughout the entire process. I never felt pressured into taking any steps or making any decisions as Chia provided me with all the information I needed/wanted, let me digest it, and allowed me to comfortably make well-informed decisions. My main criteria when searching for an agent was someone who I could trust; from the very first meeting, talking to Chia made me feel like she was honest, professional, and transparent. I highly recommend Chia to anyone in need of a real estate agent. I will surely contact her again the next time I’m on either side of the market.

01/16/2019 - iamandrewwebster: Bought a Single Family home in 2019 in Hayward, CA.

Chia was highly recommended to us by our financial advisor, so truth be told, we had little idea of what she was like as a realtor before we met her, just that someone we deeply trusted also trusted her. But as soon as we met her, we realized we had the right realtor! Chia was perfect for directing our attention to the things that mattered and keeping us on track. She picked us up, dusted us off, and urged us back into the hunt for the perfect house each time one got away or we had a setback. As we found homes we were interested in, her ability to connect with sellers and their realtors clearly saved us tons of grief and time. The best realtors are clearly folk who care about homes and houses, and care about people, and Chia is a shining example of the best. Highly recommended.

03/15/2018 - vancie9: Bought a Condo home in 2018 in Morgan Hill, CA.

Chia just helped us buy our first home ! We - my wife, Vanessa, and I - are pretty detail oriented. We decided in Oct 2017, that we would be in a position to enter the house market in Jan-2018. As part of the research, we set up interviews with 4 realtors. I must admit that the Bay Area has some wonderfully qualified realtors and our research on all of them was very good. It took us a week to talk through all the agents. After we spoke to Chia, it took us a look to each other to know that Chia was going to be our realtor. I felt bad for the other 2 (1 of them was a no-no right away), but they understood (when I informed them of our decision). Vanessa and I were stoked about having Chia represent us. This is what we were looking for: 1. Experience - We wanted a realtor with experience in our interested locations. Chia has 11 years in the Bay area and had sales in the peninsula and south bay. 2. Upfront and communicative - We were very clear of wanting a person who would call a spade a spade. This was very important for us. Our first house is probably going to be our biggest financial commitment. We needed someone would not be intimidated with our emotions. We got a lot of pointers during our interview and further during our bidding process, which confirmed our needs. Chia is very direct, and at the same time courteous, about bringing up realities. The first house that we bid on, we bid on the lower end of her range. She let us know - in a nice way - that we would have competition and prepped us to be ok with a reject. We did get rejected but she is prepped us well. 3. A teacher - We were new to the house buying process. We needed a patient realtor who would answer all our questions, direct our buying process and educate us about what is going on and what needs to happen. Chia did all of that and more. I have now started advicing folks at work on what to look out for and what are the processes involved. 4. Execution - I would grade Chia an A for this. Chia is a type-A person; very punctual, always on top of things and is always has a plan A, B and C up her sleeve (I observed this when my lender had a bureaucratic delay. She lined up another lender and asked me to consult them as a backup). I am a type-A too and loved how she worked. We were very confident on Chia's decisions. She always ran things by us, always reachable - text and call. She linked up with the Escrow and my lender and ensured that all of us worked as a team. She was actually the Delivery Manager - to borrow a work term - of our house buying "project". 5. Patience - I believe courtesy is kind of a patience and I liked how Chia treated us and the folks at my lender and Escrow. She drove them - Escrow and Lending - hard but was very cordial and results driven while she did that. We were on top of our execution, so we did not give anyone the reason to be impatient, but I am sure, if we did, Chia would have called that out - in a good way of course - and aligned us towards getting the house. We are tremendously satisfied with our experience on buying a house with Chia. I would totally recommend her. I foresee her being very successful at her work. You would do good to choose Chia. - Vance.

03/09/2017 - p00namin: Bought a Single Family home in 2017 in Newark, CA.

Chia had been working with my husband and I for a couple years to find the right home. She is truly amazing at what she does. She isn't only a realtor, but a great coach and even a therapist when she needs to be! Buying a house is a very emotional journey and she stood by us ever step of the way without losing patience. She is not only professional but also formed personal bonds with my husband and me. We cannot say enough about her to really portray the kind of personality she exudes. We just closed on a home this week and could not be happier starting our journey in this new home!

03/24/2016 - user1678071: Bought a Single Family home in 2016 in San Jose, CA.

Chia is extremely professional and helpful agent. She helps me buying a house in lightning speed in this extreme seller market. She understand our needs, preferences, and constraints very quickly. She gave us (first home buyer in US) the right education and guidance considering our situation so that we can get to full speed in preparation and house searching. Even after we win the bid, she and her team assists me very responsively to finish all the required processes in time without hassles. I was so much worried as I heard that the buying house is very stressful process in South Bay but it was very smooth and quite easy process in the end thanks to my wonderful realtor, Chia. I am highly recommend Chia for you to buy/sell homes.

04/17/2015 - dgborja: Sold a Single Family home in 2015 in San Jose, CA.

This is my first time to sell a primary residential property and I picked Chia to represent me based only on her consistent 5-star ratings. Let me tell you, these 5 stars are not enough! I know in my heart that I could not have picked a better realtor. Chia is smart and intelligent and her knowledge of the industry is way excellent. She's upfront and honest and tells me facts the way they are and not because of how I want to hear them. She's aggresive (in a good way), very attentive, go-getter-over-achiever. I feel very comfortable with her, and her frankness and honesty translate to having things done the right way, not to mention getting quick and impressive results. I totally and highly recommend Chia, and no doubt I will go back to her next time.

05/30/2014 - zuser20140530193635335: Bought a Condo home in 2014 in Santa Clara, CA.

Chia did a wonderful job in helping find my new condo. I chose to make her the most important point of contact for every part of the condo buying process, and channeled all communication through her, and this helped reduce the level of confusion in the whole chain of events - selecting the condo, negotiating the contract, appraisal, loan application and processing, and finally recording and escrow closing. At each step, she showed good confidence in handling the matter. She was very reachable and responsive all through. Good luck to her!<br/><br/>Arya Raychaudhuri

04/22/2014 - djdsa7 Bought a Single Family home in 2015 in Newark, CA.

Updated: I used Chia again in 2015. The housing market was significantly more difficult than back in 2011. However, even with the new challenges in the market Chia has definitely stayed on top of her "game." Like before I knew I was in great hands working with her. She is always helpful and accessible to answer the myraid of questions I have and if she happens to not know the answer she will find out the correct one very quickly and not give you a random thoughtless answer (like some other realtors do). Chia continues to do an amazing job! And like I said in my first review, "I don't think I could have had a better experience with any other realtor. I will definitely be using Chia again when I purchase my next home and I strongly recommend her to those in the housing market." Initial in 2011: As a first time home buyer and being only 23 years old when I started looking for a property I was not taken seriously by several realtors. I went through 3 different realtors over a span of 1 year. Upon contacting Chia at RE/MAX Santa Clara Valley, I was treated with excellent professionalism. Her support and professionalism throughout the process was top notch! 1. Initial Steps Before beginning my search Chia invited me into their office, answered all my questions about the process and provided me with detailed information to ensure I was fully aware of the process. This was great because from the start we were able to set expectations and have a clear path of what our plan going forward would be. 2. House Viewings Chia gave excellent input and advice regarding the properties I would select to view from their system. Chia would also contact the seller's realtor firsthand and obtain any information/reports that were available for the properties we were viewing. This was great, because I would be able to see the house and know the seller's first hand information about the property. Throughout our processes of house viewings Chia would actively ask what I liked/disliked about the houses we saw and would continue to tailor my search. Chia also worked very closely with me in drafting offers that I felt comfortable with and never pushed me to offer anything I was not comfortable with. 4. Escrow After my offer was accepted Chia worked very hard to help me obtain the necessary inspections and paperwork. She was very easy to reach throughout the process and quick to respond. Due to some business travel, I had some very tight deadlines for escrow. Chia worked very hard to ensure I got all my papers in on time and she worked diligently with my loan officer. Being a Short Sale home, the process had other issues that Chia helped me navigate through efficiently and easily. 5. Post Escrow B/c it was a short sale, after purchasing the home, I had some issues with the current tenants vacating the property. Chia personally assured me that she would take care of the issue. I trusted Chia so much, that I let her take care of the issue and left for my business trip. She stayed true to her word and even when the previous owners stayed past the close of escrow, she negotiated monetary compensation and covered part of the compensation from her own pocket!! Also b/c I was traveling and could not be there to get the keys, she made the trip to pick up the keys for me. In summary, my experience with Chia as a first time home buyer was excellent! Her strong commitment to my search, genuine interest in my housing needs, professionalism and strong work ethic is highly commended. I don't think I could have had a better experience with any other realtor. I will definitely be using Chia again when I purchase my next home and I strongly recommend her to those in the housing market.